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I was referred to Dr. Ginzler by my dentist Dr. C. I, along with most people do not like root canals and I stress over them. I have to tell you I am still in shock from this morning. The office staff was amazing. His assistant immediately put me at ease and he has all state of the art equipment in his office. He spoke to me about the procedure before beginning and was very soft spoken and has a very calm demeanor. His injections were painless, I couldn't believe it, not only were they painless but half of my face was not numb like it usually gets by going to a regular dentist. I thought at first that maybe I wasn't numb enough, but that was clearly not the case. I felt nothing! He explained my x-rays to me and the follow up. It is almost 8 hours after the procedure and I have had NO pain, throbbing, discomfort, nothing and it was a four chamber root canal. I haven't taken a single Advil or any other meds either. He is in my opinion a dental wizard! His assistant was amazing as well. Thank you Dr. Ginzler, your skills and professionalism are second to none!

Stacy 2019


I had my very first root canal last Friday and feel very lucky that I was referred to Dr. Ginzler's practice. The staff is professional yet very friendly and understanding of a patient's apprehension. The office itself is not only zen like but state of the art. Dr. Ginzler explained the procedure from start to finish and before I knew it I was on my way home. Coral Springs and surrounding area dentists are extremely fortunate to have Dr. Ginzler and his staff to refer their endodontic patients to.



I was referred to Dr. Ginzler after being advised that the pain that I was experiencing would probably require a dreaded root canal... Having only had one prior experience over twenty five years ago, I was not thrilled to have received this news. I was in acute pain and staff at the dentist office advised that although Dr.Ginzler's office was to close within 10 minutes, that they would wait for me and determine if the dentist's assessment of the situation was correct. I arrived at the office well after the closing time and was greeted by kind staff with an Ipad; and although I am a PC and was in pain was able to complete the forms and see the doctor. Upon review of the xray, it was indeed determined that I would need a root canal and was prepped and the doctor was ready to proceed right away. His calm manner and precise tone immediately reassured me that I was in the hands of a caring professional. I was astonished that almost two hours later, he completed the procedure and I was so thankful for such a good experience. I cannot articulate the gratitude to his professionalism and expertise. I did advise him that if I still felt ok after the novacaine wore off, that I might consider sending a thank you, but instead felt compelled to write this testimonial. Thank you Dr. Ginzler. I very much appreciate you taking the time, having the patience, and professionalism to make my experience today a good one. Sincerely, Adriane



I am a practicing dental hygienist and quite familiar with all that is involved in the endodontic process, but referring patients who are in need of a root canal is very different from experiencing it yourself! I have to say I am glad to have experienced this one in Dr. Ginzler’s office, because he is by far the most focused, knowledgeable, technologically advanced, and caring practitioner I have ever had for this procedure. The injections were painless, the procedure was painless, and the recovery quick and also painless. Dr. Ginzler prepares you for what is to take place, he has a steady and gentle touch, and he meticulously works to see that the final result is the absolute best possible. His staff is welcoming and kind, and his state of the art office is spotless and relaxing. If one could ever say they were glad to have a root canal, it would be that I can now share my firsthand experience of a most excellent job done. Thank you!



Dr. Ginzler and his staff are outstanding in all respects. His staff is very attentive and caring. Dr. Ginzler is a gifted doctor. He has extraordinary skill, compassion and patience . His approach is honest and direct. I would highly recommend Dr. Ginzler to anyone looking for an Endodontist.



Dear Dr. Ginzler,

I just want yo to know (in writing) that I truly appreciate the excellent and professinal job you and your dental team did in reparing my teeth. I was referred to you by my primary dentist in October, 2013. She said you are the best, and she was correct.

I especially appreciate that you made it a point to clearly explain to e your diagnosis and the dental procedures you used. I remember thinking, "This guy really cares and knows what he is doing."

You are an excellent endodontist whom I would gladly recommend to anyone who wants the very best in dental care. You have patience that translates into happy patients.

This also included your wonderful staff who made me feel so welcome and also administered such wonderful care. They really do put their patients first and it shows. Please extend to them my sincerest "THANK YOU".

I wish you and your team all the best, the best of good health and continued success. Keep doing what you're doing because you do make a difference.


James P

Coral Springs, FL

June 2, 2014


I am the voice of the customer for The Ritz-Carlton Destination Clubs and Residences. Our standards are extremely high...Today, I experienced the "Ritz-Carlton" of dentist offices. The office was very clean and had a modern ambience. I was greeted by name with a smile by Samantha. I observed her acknowledging others and using their names. Andrea was very patient with me as she tooks my x-rays and made sure I was comfortable. Dr. Ginzler also greeted me by name with a smile. He even acknowledged my recent birthday! He took the time to explain the process to me and assured me that I would not experience any pain. He honored my only loud music during the procedure! Michelle was on my other side, assisting Dr. Ginzler, ensuring I was comfortable. Now every time I hear Jack Johnson, I will remember my first root canal- painless, filled with smiles, and so comfortable, I almost feel asleep 🙂 Thank you to all of you!



I was from out of state and in pain. I did my research and noticed Dr. Ginzler's website because it was impressive. It explained his philosophy, practice and state-of-the-art technology. I got an appointment the next day and felt comfortable upon entering. The entire staff is warm and caring. There was no waiting to be seen and the staff seemed to be relaxed and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Ginzler is patient as he explains the procedure and his knowledge and technology is unsurpassed. I was glad to have found him and you will be too. Thank you for making it as painless as possible.

Pam M


Feeling very fortunate to have discovered Dr. Ginzler. My recent experience with his practice has eliminated any anxiety I've ever associated with root canal endodontics. State-of-the-art technology, combined with an incredible level of care I've never received anywhere else make Ginzler Endodontics a practice that I'd recommend to anyone! I am pain-free (and so was my treatment!), and so grateful! Thank you, Dr. Ginzler, Samantha, and Michelle!

Patricia R.


Dr. Ginzler and every memebr of his staff are nothing short of wonderful. I felt like part of the family and would reccommend this office to anyone!

Derek F.


I recently had a root canal done at Ginzler Endodonics. I am a nurse and was totally dreading this procedure. From the initial phone call I was guided through every step of what turned out to be an incredible experience! I not only got a painless procedure but I learned all about the art of Endodontics. The professionalism,caring attention to every detail of my comfort and care was phenomenal. Dr. Ginzler clearly has a gift and passion for his work that is unprecedented. I would recommend this practice to anyone and everyone. Thank you so much Dr. Ginzler and staff.

Kat W.


Many thanks for the wonderful care I received in your office. From my initial phone call and consultation visit, Debbie helped me to relax and understand what I would experience in your office. Michelle calmed my fears in the chair and kept me comfortable during treatment . You, Dr. Ginzler, have gentle hands and educated me on why this happened and how you would treat it. A wonderful team with talent and compassion. Thank you.

Anonymous and Happy





Dr. Ginzler is simply put, - THE BEST! Even though he couldn't save my #18 molar; he assisted me after hours on a Saturday to call in 2 RX's to help me with the severe pain that I was experiencing after I left his office on Friday. What Dr. does this?? He also made sure that I was able to get an appointment with the Oral Surgeon (Dr. Fox - also excellent) on Monday to get that tooth pulled. I am so impressed with Dr. Ginzler and so grateful that he was able to help me manage my pain until I could get rid of the offending tooth. Thank you so much for caring about your patients, Dr. Ginzler. You are truly a lifesaver!





I was referred to Dr. Ginzler by my dentist; he and his entire team are AMAZING. Dr. Ginzler has a calm, reassuring demeanor, and provides excellent patient education. I did not feel any pain during or after my root canal and did not have any swelling.

Lisa Paxton
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